What are the different types of administrators in the Project Beacon platform?

There are three types of user roles in the Project Beacon platform:

  1. Organization Admins: Principals, administration, nurses, and those overseeing the overall program. This level of access will allow you to manage who participates in your testing program. With this access, you will be able to add, remove, and edit profile information. It is recommended that al least one of your testing site admins be assigned with this access if you plan to obtain consent or edit profile information at the time of testing. 
  2. Test Site Admins: Nurses, support staff, or anyone performing the testing. This level of access allows the staff to see the testing site information, perform the tests, and input the results. If you are performing tests, you need this access.
  3. Test Site Clinicians: Nurses, Physicians. This level of access provides visibility into all of the past testing results. Most test side admins will also have test site clinician privileges, but doesn't have to be the case. This role will be reviewing the previous results and potentially contacting the test taker with results and next steps.

The Organization Administrator can request changes to the user access by emailing pooling@beacontesting.com. When emailing for updates to the user roles, please specify the users first name, last name, email address, roles, and schools (or district if you are using districts) they will be assigned.