How do I reflex test with Rapid Antigen (Binax) Test?

Reflex Testing with Project Beacon

In the case of a positive pool, your school must have a plan in place to Follow-up test, also called 'reflex' test, all individuals who were part of the positive pool. 

Most schools will opt to perform Rapid Antigen testing using the Abbot BinaxNOW test as the FIRST follow-up test in these cases. These tests are the same that are used for symptomatic rapid testing, just used here for a different purpose. 

Overview of Reflex Testing using Rapid Antigen/ Abbot BinaxNOW

  • Note: You will need test site admin permissions to do this
  • Use your admin menu to choose  the correct “Testing Site”This is Reflex Testing, so be sure not to  choose the Symptomatic Testing option.
  • Note: This is Reflex Testing, so be sure not to choose the Symptomatic Testing option.

  • Choose someone to be tested  from the All Personnel list, and  click “Check In"
  • Once you have more than a couple people in  the system, you’ll probably want to use the  search bar to find the person in the list.
  • Select the Check In button to get started. The  parent or account holder will get an email or  text notifying them that a test is beginning.

  • Enter the lot number of the  BinaxNOW test and confirm the  check-in.
  • It asks for a “serial number,” but we will be  using the Lot Number from the boxes of  BinaxNOW tests in this case.
  • You may want to confirm the name and date  of birth to ensure you have the correct record.

  • Once the patient is checked in, it’s time to collect their sample.
  • Follow the instructions for collecting the sample for the BinaxNOW test.
  • Click the “Collected” button, and then confirm  that you’ve collected the sample for the  correct patient and click “Mark as Collected”

  • Once you’ve collected the sample, it’s time to wait.
  • BinaxNOW tests require you to wait 15 minutes before interpreting the result.
  • The system will start a timer to count down  those 15 minutes. If you have other people to  test, you can certainly check-in another  person now.

  • Once the timer expires, you’ll be able to record the results.
  • The “Record Results” button will only be  active once the timer has reached zero.
  • Once it has, go ahead and click the button.

  • Interpret the result of the test and  log it in the popup window.

  • Be Careful Here
  • As soon as you click “Save and Record” we send the results to the  DPH and to the patient or their parent. Like, right away.
  • If you make an errant entry here, you’ll want to contact us, your local  DPH, and the patient. We’ll correct the issue in the system and at the  state level, but the patient and local DPH may not know.

  • The results are now available on the Results tab
  • The account holder has been notified (via email or text message) that a result is available for viewing online, but we also use the results screen so you can contact a parent or guardian following the test.
  • You can use the “Mark as Contacted” button to note that the contact for a patient has been successfully contacted.