How do I view results from a pooled test?

You can view all results from your testing program in the Project Beacon testing site page!

  • Results will appear within approximately 24 hours from when they were received by the Broad Institute. This means, you should see results by around 5pm - 7pm the day after testing.
  • You will need Test Site Admin privileges to view this information
  • Test takers will not be automatically notified of the testing results. Each school will be responsible for contacting individual participants.
How to view the results:
  • Navigate to the Pools tab in the Project Beacon application
  • The results will be listed under the Lab Status section with Pool Positive, Pool Negative, or Pool Invalid
  • Clicking View Pool Profiles will allow you to see who was included in each pool

For Negative Pools:

  • No action is needed. You can contact test takers that their pool was negative. This will not be sent automatically from the Project Beacon Platform

For Positive Pools: 

  • Navigate to the BinaxNow Reflect Testing Page for information on administering reflex tests after a positive pool. 
  • Positive tests will not generate a notification to test takers or administrators so it is important to check back frequently for results.