How do I reflex test with PCR?

Individual PCR testing 

  • Individual PCR testing will be performed to verify a positive pooling sample if a Abbott BinaxNow Rapid Antigen Test is unable to determine the positive from the pool
  • All individuals in the pool will be tested using an individual PCR test

Positive Pool - Reflex Testing Process (PCR Reflex Test)

Steps to perform an individual PCR Reflex Test:

Select the appropriate testing site:
  • Use your Admin tab to select the appropriate testing site 
  • The PCR testing site will be listed as PCR Reflex Testing

Select the individuals that need to be tested:
  • Navigate to All Personnel and search or select the individual that needs to be tested
  • Check in the test taker

Performing the tests:
  • Hand the test taker a tissue and ask they blow their nose vigorously
  • Provide a squirt of hand sanitizer
  • Rip the back package of the swab, allowing the test taker to pull the wooden tip out
  • Instruct the test taker to swab the inside of each nostril 3 times
  • Collect the swab, swab site down in the collection tube
  • Enter the collection time
  • Print the label and affix it to the tube
  • Mark as Dropped off, the order is submitted to the lab and the lab will be awaiting your sample

Packaging the samples for the lab:

All tubes must be collected and secured in the boxes that provided. It is best practice to secure the lids with rubber bands or tape. Affix the manifest to top of the box. Only one manifest is needed per PCR shipment

  • Download and Print the Specimen Manifest
  • Completed tubes should be capped and placed within the cryobox
  • Confirm the total number of tubes collected during the testing day
  • Be sure this number matches the number of tubes in the box
  • Write box # of # boxes on each box (e.g., Box 1 of 2) if multiple boxes
  • Place the specimen manifest on top of the box(es) and secure the box(es) and manifest with rubber bands or tape
  • Bring the samples to the collection location for pickup