Updated July 26 - System Updates - Pooling

July 26, 2021 Updates: 

Bulk Actions – From the personnel lists (accessible by org admins), you can now choose multiple people and perform actions on them in bulk, like resending their invites, moving them to a group, or changing their consent. This isn't Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way™), since you can only act on people you can see on the screen, so large organizations would still need to do this multiple times, but it should be helpful. To make it more useful, we've also added the ability to see up to 100 profiles per page. 

Roster Edit Uploads – Roster uploads were previously for new patient profiles only, but now you can edit patient profiles when uploading rosters too. You'll notice a new guid field in the roster, which is our internal ID for that profile. If we see a guid, we'll know to edit a profile – conversely, if the guid field is blank, we'll know to create a new one. This could be used for use cases similar to bulk actions above. 

Reports – You can now download CSV versions of many of the tables you find on the site. Appointment lists, result lists, and rosters are the big features here. Each of these allows custom date ranges to be defined. Note that if the custom date range is large at a busy site, it may not work – for very large data sets, we should set up a custom data export for the users.

Roster: Preferred language – We now include a preferred language for a user in the roster. This takes the form of either the language code (en-USpt-BR) or name (EnglishChinese (Simplified)). Worth noting that since language is a per-user setting (not a per-profile setting), if two profiles on the same user are set to different languages when uploading a roster, we will produce an error – they need to be the same.

April 6, 2021 Updates:

  • Test Site Admins are now able to delete unwanted Pools before they are closed and sent - See below screenshots for more information. This will help you to clear out your dashboard. 

April 1, 2021 Updates:

  • Individuals may now be removed from a pool - You are only able to do this before the pool has been closed and sent. Once a pool is closed and sent, an electronic order is generated for the lab and you can no longer make changes. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: this is useful in the case where an individual is accidentally scanned twice, or accidentally scanned into a pool. Please be cautious and do not move swabs between tubes, as doing so might contaminate your sample and invalidate the results. 

March 31, 2021 Updates:

  • Activation emails now expire after one week – previously, users had 24 hours after registering to activate their account. This made sense when you were registering yourself, but in a world where a school administrator may be registering you via a CSV upload, having only 24 hours to act was too little. We've upped this to 7 days which should provide a lot more cushion. As always, administrators can re-trigger activation emails from their dashboard, and users can re-trigger them from the home page, and this can happen anytime, even long after seven days.
  • Users can now delete unused profiles – we've never allowed users to delete profiles before, but now we do, as long as that profile has never been used before (no appointments, no results, etc). By going to the "Edit Profile" screen, if the profile is unused, there will be a big red button at the bottom to delete it. This can be useful for cleaning up errant multiple registrations both for individuals and for schools.
  • Clinicians can view patient result reports – We now allow a Test Site Clinician to click on the ellipsis menu on the result page to see the detailed lab report for a patient's result. Please note, this is only relevant for individual, diagnostic test results (either Binax or PCR, but not for pooled testing). 
  • Other various bug fixes and improvements, relating to family registration, helping org admins know not to add personnel by using the "add profile" menu item, and more.

Coming soon: pool deletion and the ability to remove individual members from a pool (as long as the pool hasn't been closed/sent)

March 18, 2021 Updates:

  • When downloading an organization's roster, we now show the Consented column as a datestamp, rather than just a yes/no. This can help you know who recently joined. Similarly, you're now able to input a valid date (YYYY-MM-DD style) into the CSV roster to upload if you collect consents from another system.
  • When viewing the personnel list, we now show the group each member is in, as well as more details about their status – like if they haven't yet consented.
  • We've made a few small improvements to the UI that can help families have a better experience when signing up the whole family. We still have work to do on this, but are making progress.
  • You probably have noticed this, but we now rigorously validate the barcodes of pool tubes you enter. We worked closely with the Broad to make sure that it's very unlikely that you can typo a pool barcode ID. Basically, if we accept it, it's very very likely that it was entered correctly.
A few things to look forward to in the coming days:
  • We'll hide the "Schedule Test" callout on a person's dashboard if the organization doesn't take appointments. We'll automatically set everyone in this program by default as "not accepting appointments" to get this functionality. If you wish to accept appointments, contact us and we can quickly change that flag for you.
  • In the personnel list on the website, we'll show the last time a user signed in.
  • We'll be supporting the ability to cancel/delete a pool as long as you haven't closed/sent it. If a pool has already been closed and sent, the order has been transmitted to the lab, and they're expecting it. If we delete it from our system, that will result in a lot of errors and headaches.
  • We'll be supporting the ability for families to delete extra profiles from their account as long as they have never had an appointment or test on that profile. This can be handy when someone accidentally registers their kid multiple times. There will be a big red delete button on the edit profile screen.
  • And more to come...