How to create multiple student profiles

This guide will walk you through how to easily create Profiles for multiple students (ie. Siblings) under the same account (ie. Parent/Guardian). 

Each student will need their own Profile associated with their school in order to be tested as part of the pooled testing program. All of these profiles can be made under one person's account. In the case where a student is under the age of 18, these profiles can all be created under their parent/guardian's account. 

Student/Child profiles are called Secondary Profiles in Project Beacon. These are profiles created and managed by the account holder (ie. parent/guardian).

* Alternatively, you may follow these instructions to create profiles for students by using registration links sent to you by the school.  In that case, if you already have a Project Beacon account, you will click the link and will be automatically prompted to create a Secondary Profile for your child linked to that school. *

  • Login to your account. If you haven't already done so, you'll need to create an account first.
  • The navigation in the top right corner will show your name if you're on a laptop or will say "Show Menu" if you are on mobile. 
  • Click on that section and from the drop-down menu select "Add Additional Profile." If you need to make more than one profile, when you are filling out the information, scroll down to the bottom and select "Save and Add Another Profile."

  •  Select “Secondary Profile” option and fill out the form using your student/child's information.

  • Click "I have an Organization Code". An Organization Code links this profile to your school or organization.
  • You will be sent a unique Organization Code for each school. If you have multiple children at multiple schools, be sure to enter the correct Code for each additional profile you add to your account.  

  • Once you have entered information to create first profile, click "Save and Add Additional Profile" to repeat those steps for a second child. 
  • Repeat this process for each additional profile you would like to create in your account.