What do alerts like "Activation Pending" and "Not Cleared" in my roster mean?

"Not Cleared - Has Not Consented"

User CANNOT be tested

If a profile says “Not Cleared - Has not Consented”, it means that you have not received consent to test yet. You MUST have consent before proceeding with the test. 

  • Consent can be received in multiple ways. Online consent through the completion of a Project Beacon account, paper consent, and verbal consent. 
  • Please note that if you receive verbal consent, you will need to follow up by either getting online or paper consent. If you have received consent to begin testing but the profile has not been cleared yet, you can check off consent by going to the organization tab under admin, finding the name under personnel, editing profile and checking off consent received. 

Orange Triangle Symbol (in test-site view) - Profile Incomplete

User CANNOT be tested

An orange triangle indicates that the patient's profile is incomplete. This means that there is required demographic or consent information that is missing. 

Personnel CANNOT be tested when there is an orange triangle. 

  • If an account has been created but is being shown as incomplete, an individual with org admin access can fill in any missing information and check off the consent box, as long as the parent/guardian has given consent. 
  • To edit a profile, go to the organization tab under admin, click personnel, search the incomplete profile, select and edit profile info.

"Activation Pending..." - User’s Project Beacon account has not been activated

User CAN be tested

An activation pending next to a profile indicates that the user’s Project Beacon account has not been activated yet. If an account has not been activated, the students parent/guardian will not have to access their child’s test results. 

  • You can still perform a test with a profile whose account says activation pending, however, it is then the responsibility of whomever is performing the test to notify the patient (or parent/guardian for students under 18) of the results. 
  • If the patient (or parent/guardian) would like to activate their account but has not yet, you can resend the activation link by going to the organization tab under admin, searching for the name of the account pending activation, and selecting “send invite email and/or text message again.”

"Activated" - User's Project Beacon account has been successfully activated

User CAN be tested

A green "Activated" alert simply signifies that the account associated with this user (most likely the parent/guardian's account) has been activated and they are able to sign in to access their child's test results as needed. 

An active account IS NOT REQUIRED to take part in testing, though should be taken note of by the school. Without an active account, the school must take responsibility for providing results of individual follow-up testing to students and parents alike.