How do I remove a student from the pooled testing program an/or from my organization?

If a patient (or parent of under-18-student) who has previously consented, wishes to be removed from the testing program, you must have Organization Admin privileges. 

(Alternatively, if the patient or parent wishes for themself or their child to temporarily be taken out of the pooled testing program, you may click on 'Edit Profile Info" for the student, and remove their consent. Without consenting, the student can no longer be tested. If they decide they would like to re-enroll later, you may re-check the 'consent' button on their profile. )

How to remove a patient profile from an Organization:

- Navigate to the Organization dashboard 

- Click on the Personnel tab and search for the student you wish to remove

- When you have located the student, click on the three dots to the right of the name and then click edit

- This opens the student’s profile so it can be edited, and at the bottom you will see a large red “Remove from Organization” block.

- Clicking on the red block removes the student from your testing program (and your personnel list/organization roster) while still retaining their profile on the public side of the platform (should the patient require future testing at one of the public sites).