Types of Administrative Users

There are 7 types of user roles in the Project Beacon platform:

You will need to assign administrative privileges to allow users to manage your testing program and sites. A single user can have multiple testing roles, but we recommend that you only grant privileges to people as-needed and only when necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.


Organization Admin - Org Admins can manage testing programs and rosters, access and modify the personal information of participants, and customize other settings. If you plan to get consent from patients at the time of testing, the staff responsible for doing so would require this role.

Organization Owner - Org Owners can change settings and add other admins at any time.


Test Site Owner – Test Site Owners can customize settings and add additional users as administrators. If you need to add or remove an owner at a later time, contact customer support.

Test Site Administrator – Test Site Admins are able to administer tests to patients. This is a role appropriate for nurses, support staff, or anyone else performing tests.

Test Site Clinician – Test Site Clinicians are able to see the results of past tests and in some cases be notified when new results arrive. This may be appropriate for test site admins, but also for ordering providers, and anyone else who may be reviewing previous results or contacting patients about their results.

Test Site Registrar – Test Site Registrars are chiefly used for walk-up appointments at public test sites. Be sure to talk with support first to make sure this is the right choice for your organization.

Test Site Scheduler – Test Site Schedulers create & manage the available time slots, and are able to cancel appointments in bulk. This may be appropriate for some test site admins, but perhaps restricted only to owners in other cases.