How To Schedule A Test

1. Sign in to your account 

If you need to make an account, click here.

2. Click the button labeled "Schedule Test."

If you are not on the Dashboard view, select your name in the upper right-hand corner and select "Your Dashboard" from the drop down menu.

3. A list of available testing locations will show up. Select the correct one and then press "Next."

4. Select the date of your appointment by clicking on the calendar icon in the date section

5. Select the time of your appointment by clicking on the Time* and selecting your preferred time.

*NOTE:  If you are trying to sign up for an appointment for today but there are no available slots left, the website will automatically set the date of your appointment to the next day with available slots.

6. Confirm Your Appointment

Make sure the date, location, and time of your appointment are correct. Then press "Schedule My Test."

7. Save or print out the barcode to show upon your arrival

NOTE: You have to schedule an appointment for each person in your family.  One scheduled appointment is only valid for one person.