How do I upload a roster (for pooling or symptomatic BinaxNOW)

You will need organization admin privileges to upload a roster.

Note: Patients must have completed profiles in order to get a test. If a patient has an incomplete profile, you’ll see an orange icon with an exclamation point next to the 'Check In' button next to their name on the Personnel screen. You’ll need to get the missing profile information from the patient(‘s guardian) and complete the profile in order to check them in.

- From your dashboard, click on the Personnel tab.

- On the next screen, you’ll see a list of the groups in your organization. Click the Add Personnel+ button from here.

- Then click Upload File (Multiple Records) to start the roster upload process.

- You’ll first need to download the .CSV (spreadsheet) template to populate it with your roster data.

- In your spreadsheet, the required fields for every profile are First Name, Last Name, Email or Mobile Phone, and Consent Form. To be tested, each field must be completed, however. 

Required fields for profile creation: 

- Please note, these are the minimum required fields to create a profile. 

- ALL additional fields must be complete (see below) before a person is eligible for testing, as per State reporting requirements. You may decide to input these now or later. 

1. First Name

2. Last Name 

3. Email of Account Holder (this may be a parent/guardian or a school contact email) OR Phone Number of Account Holder 

-  You may enter multiple email addresses or phone numbers for each profile — you’ll just need to add a space between the different entries.

- Phone numbers need to be in one of the following two formats: XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXXXXXXXXX.

Required fields to be eligible for testing:

  • Note: The following fields do not need to be filled out when uploading a roster, but account holders will need to fill them out before their child is eligible for testing.

    1. Date of Birth must be in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD.
    2. If you’re adding an address to a profile, you must fill out all address fields: Address Line 1, City, State (using the two-character abbreviation, and Zip Code. Address Line 2 is optional. Adding only a partially completed address for any profile will result in a failed roster upload.
    3. Sex must be one of the following values: Male, Female, Other, Unknown
    4. Race must be one of the following values: Black or African American, Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, White, Unknown, Other Race
    5. Ethnicity must be one of the following values: Hispanic or Latino, Not Hispanic or Latino, Unknown
    6. Employee ID can be any identifying number (student ID, faculty ID, etc.) to help distinguish between profiles. If profiles don’t have an employee ID, we will assign them a random one.
    7. Consent Form must exactly match the name of the consent form type that profile needs to consent to. Here are the possible values (note that capitalization and spacing matter here, and you shouldn't include the quotes):

      1. For Symptomatic use of BinaxNOW tests only (not taking part in pooled testing)
        1. "MA DESE - Adult Consent" - to be used for 18+
        2. "MA DESE - Parent/Guardian Consent” - to be used for -18
      2. For Pooled Testing 
        1. "MA Pooling - Staff Consent" - to be used for 18+
        2. "MA Pooling - Student Consent” - to be used for -18
    8. Consent: Please enter "Yes" if obtained consent from individual/parent or guardian (via 'paper consent') OR you may enter the date consent was collected (YYYY-MM-DD).
    9. Note: If you want to separate members of your roster into groups, fill out the Group column in the template spreadsheet and those profiles will be uploaded to the group you designate.

- Once you’ve filled out and saved the completed template as a .CSV, return to the Beacon app and click Select File to choose your completed template from your computer. When you see your file, click Import Records to complete the upload.

  • Note: If you didn’t assign members to groups within your roster, you have the option of assigning everyone in your roster to one group by clicking the “Assign all to group” checkbox after you select your filled-out spreadsheet file, before you click Import Records.
    • Sub-note: When you click the checkbox, you’ll see a drop down menu of the testing groups you’ve set up to assign all the members of the roster you’re uploading into. Selecting this option will overwrite any data you’ve put in the Group column in your spreadsheet.

- After uploading your records, you’ll see a preview of how the data in your spreadsheet will appear in the system. 

- This preview shows a sample of 5 entries from your data. The total number of entries you’re uploading will appear in the description above the table. 

- Make sure that the format is correct and that contact info appears in the correct columns before clicking Create Records and Send Invites.

- Larger files may take longer to load. Please reach out to if new invitations do not appear within 30 minutes.

- Once you click Create Records and Send Invites, everyone on your roster will receive an invite to the Beacon app.

Note: Clicking this button will begin the invite-sending process immediately and cannot be undone or stopped once started.