How to Check In a Patient Without an Appointment

Note: You will need test site admin privileges to check in a patient.

- On the Personnel tab, you’ll see personnel with appointments in the top table, and all personnel in your organization table below it.

- Scroll to the All Personnel table and search by name or contact information to find the patient needing a test.

- Click the Check-in button for that person.

- You’ll see a pop-up window to double check the patient’s information.

- Enter the serial number of the test kit you’re using into the Serial Number field, then click Check In Patient.

- Once back on your Personnel page, you’ll see the new patient’s info in the All Personnel table, with their Test Kit ID and Check-in time populated.

- Once the sample has been collected from the patient and added to the test card according to the test kit’s instructions, click the Collected button next to the patient's name.

- You’ll see a pop-up window to verify that the testing kit is ready and you’re ready to mark that sample as collected. Click the Mark as Collected button.

- You’ll see that a 15-minute countdown clock has started to mark the time needed for the test kit to return a result.

- Once the kit is done processing, you’ll see a Record Result button appear. 

- Click that and record the test result into the pop-up window, clicking the Save and Record Results button to complete the process. You also have the option to confirm the serial number here.

- The patient’s record will now move from the Personnel tab to the Results tab on your dashboard.