How to Set Up a Schedule

Note: You will need test site admin privileges to set up a schedule.

- On the Schedule tab, you’ll see an editable list of dates.

- Use the arrows on either side of the date heading (e.g. Dec, 2020) to navigate to the month you want to add dates to. 

- Click the Add Dates button, and select the Start and End Dates for which you want to set available hours for the test site.

Note: When creating a new schedule, the maximum date range you can enter is 90 days.

Note: You cannot enter a date range that already contains Shifts or Time Slots.

- You’ll see that you have the option of adding Shifts. These should reflect the hours your testing site is open on that day. If, for example, your site will be open from 9am - 5pm, but you want to set a lunch break for your site between 12pm-1pm, you can set the first shift to be from 9am-12pm, then the second shift to be from 1pm-5pm.

- Shift times must be in the following format: HH:MM am, or HH:MM pm.

- Intervals are the length of time between appointment slots

- Capacity is the number of patients who can schedule an appointment during an appointment interval.

- You can delete a shift by clicking the trash can icon next to it.

- Once your Dates and Shifts are set, hit Save. You will see your scheduled dates listed along with the available time slots, and the number of available appointments in those time slots.

- If you click Edit Date, you can edit individual appointment slots.

- You will only be able to edit Capacity (i.e. the number of patients who can schedule a test during a given time slot). You cannot lower the capacity below the total number of appointments already booked for that appointment slot.

- You cannot delete a row during which appointments have already been booked.

- You can add additional shifts a single day here. To do this, click the Add Time Slots button under the date at the top of the page and fill out your desired Shift Start, Shift End, Interval, and Capacity and hit Save.

- When you’re done, click Schedule above the date at the top of the page and you’ll see your new time slots have been added to the relevant day (use the arrows on either side of the date heading to navigate to the relevant month).

Note: To delete dates, click the selection box on the far left side of the table, and then click the trash can icon. You can delete one or multiple using the checkboxes.

- You can also bulk-delete all time slots by clicking the selection box in the top (black) row of the schedule table. 

- You cannot delete time slots that already contain booked appointments.