How to Get Consent for a New Patient or a Patient with an Incomplete Profile

Note: Patients must have completed profiles in order to get a test. If a patient has an incomplete profile, you’ll see an orange icon with an exclamation point next to the Check In button next to their name on the Personnel screen. You’ll need to get the missing profile information from the patient(‘s guardian) and complete the profile in order to check them in.

Note: Patients with incomplete profiles will appear in the All Personnel bottom table.

Note: Every patient must have consented — or in the case of minor students, must have gotten consent from a guardian entered into their profile — before they can get tested and their profile is officially considered complete.

For the image below: On the left, a completed profile with the "Consent received" checkbox checked; on the right, an incomplete profile without consent received.

- If you click the Check In button next to the icon, a pop-up window will appear with a Contact button. If you don’t have the contact info for that patient’s guardian on hand, you can find it by clicking the Contact button. 

- To make changes to a patient profile, you’ll need to navigate into the Organization view.

- To switch views, click the Admin tab and select Organization view from the dropdown menu.

- Then click on the Personnel tab, search for the patient using their name, email, or ID.

- Once you see the patient’s information in the search results, you can edit their information either by clicking the ellipsis in the index, or by clicking on the patient and clicking on the Edit Profile button in that patient’s detail page. 

- Once the profile is complete, navigate back to the Test Site Admin view. You should see that the patient no longer has the orange icon next to their name, and they can now be checked in.

Adding a new patient not yet in your roster

Note: To add a patient who is not yet in your organization’s roster, you will need to be in the Organization view, not the Test Site Admin view.

- To add a new patient who is not yet in your organization, click the Personnel tab and then the Add Personnel button, then click the Single Record option to create a new single record. 

- Add the patient’s contact info if you are creating the profile for the patient to manage themselves, or add the patient’s guardians’ info if you are creating the record for the guardian of the patient (and select the appropriate option under the “Who is this profile for?” section).

- Once you click Continue, you’ll be able to populate the rest of the patient’s profile information as the patient or their guardian provides it.

Note: You can submit a profile with partial information, but the patient will not be able to get a test until the profile is complete.

Note: You’ll see the new patient’s record in the All Personnel index in the Test Site Admin view. You can toggle to this view by clicking on the Admin dropdown menu in the navigation at the top of the page.

- Once this process is complete, the patient can be tested: Click here to read how to check in patient without an appointment.