Registration guide for parents and guardians

Welcome to Project Beacon! 

This guide will walk you through a few easy steps to get your child registered for pooled testing at their school. 

Please note: these instructions are for registering individuals below the age of 18. If your child is 18+, they may follow these steps for themselves. For troubleshooting and FAQ, please make sure to read through our additional support materials. You will likely receive additional information directly from your school as well. 

Key Terms: 

Account – The guardian. This consists only of an email address/mobile number and password on the Project  Beacon site. One account can have numerous different profiles. 

Profile – The student/ staff member being tested. This consists of a name and demographic information, linked to a consent form.

Step-By-Step Registration Guide

Step 1: You will receive an email from your child's school to register for a Project Beacon Account and create a Profile for your child.

This email will contain a unique registration link (URL) or Code for the school.

Example Codes and URL: 

Step 2: Click the registration link (URL). 

This link will take you to, where you will login to your account once it is created. 

Step 3-A: If you already have a Project Beacon account, click "I Have a Project Beacon Account" to login to your existing account. 

After logging into your existing account, skip to Step 11 for instructions on how to register your child/student.

Step 3-B: If you do NOT already have a Project Beacon account, click "Create New Account" to create a new Project Beacon account. 

Please note, for a parent or guardian account, the only information we collect is your email address and/or phone number. All screens that ask for Name, Demographic Information, etc. are for the Profile you are creating for your child/the testee.

Step 4: Enter your email address or phone number

Step 5: Click "Create" 

Step 6: You will see "Registration Successful" screen

Step 8: Account creation screen - You will be brought to an account creation screen where you can enter a phone number or email if you have not already done so.

Step 9: Click "Next"

Step 10: Create a password for your account

Step 11: Create a "Secondary Profile" for your child 

Although called a "secondary profile", this is your child's primary profile. Because their profile will be under YOUR account, "secondary profile" is used to indicate that this is a profile for someone other than yourself. 

This profile is required in order for a student to be part of the pooled testing program. 

All demographic information must be filled out in order for your child to be tested, per State requirements (see note below).

Notes for filling out the profile information:

  • Date of Birth must be in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD
  • If you’re adding an address to a profile, you must fill out all address fields: Address Line 1, City, State (using the two-character abbreviation, and Zip Code. Address Line 2 is optional. Adding only a partially completed address for any profile will result in a failed roster upload.
  • Sex must be one of the following values: Male, Female, Other, Unknown
  • Race must be one of the following values: Black or African American, Asian, American Indian and Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, White, Other Race
  • Ethnicity must be one of the following values: Hispanic or Latino, Not Hispanic or Latino
  • Contact Phone number for a parent/guardian will likely be their own. This is used for contact tracing in the event of a positive reflex PCR test.
  • The Organization Code field should automatically populate from clicking the unique link the school sent you. If not, you can refer to the organization code the school sent you, or contact the school to have them send it again. Make sure to mention whether you are creating a profile for someone over 18 or under 18 so they send the correct link/code.

Step 12: Click "Save"

Step 13: Provide Consent - You will be taken to a screen to provide your consent for the testing program 

The consent language will reflect the most up-to-date program consent language provided by the State. Please see their website for more information, and for translations of consent forms. 

You are all set! 

- Parents/Guardians will now see their childrens' profiles under the name on the main page dropdown.

- As an account holder, you will now have access to your child's test results, and will be notified when a new individual test result is available (follow-up testing). 

- Each time an email with a registration link is received, we recommend logging out of your account before clicking the link.

- Parents will be notified if their child needs to come in for additional testing, or if their child’s individual PCR test has returned a positive result. In the event of a positive result, the school will provide next steps and guidelines.

- If Parents/Guardians have additional children either at the same school or at different schools, they will receive a link to create a profile for each one, will follow the same process above each time, and each will appear under this dropdown. Please see 'How to create multiple student profiles' article for more information. 

- Please remember, because pooled testing results are NOT diagnostic (ie. they will not identify whether your child has tested positive or negative for COVID-19), you will not be notified when a new pooled test result is available.