How do I register personnel to be tested using links and codes?

You will need organization admin privileges to register personnel.

Note: Personnel = patients to be tested


1. Navigate to and sign-in to your Project Beacon Account. 

2. Navigate to the Organization you wish to enroll students or staff to be tested into. To do this, click on Admin Tab, then click on the desired Organization from the drop down menu.

3. On the next screen, Click on Personnel tab

4. You will now see a list of the groups in your organization. Click the Add Personnel + button from here.

5. You will find two codes and two links that are unique to the organization and the consent form that are attached.

6A. Send the link next to MA Pooling - Student to families (parents, guardians, caretakers, etc.) who will be consenting and creating profiles for students under the age of 18. 

6B. Send the link next to MA Pooling - Staff Consent to enroll staff members (and students over the age of 18!) as part of the testing program. 

- PLEASE NOTE: by clicking on this link, a staff member will follow steps to (1) create or login to their Project Beacon account and (2) create a profile and consent to be tested as part of the pooled testing program. 

- If you need to register additional staff members for ADMINISTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY, please have them create an account via They may choose to create a testing profile for themselves if they wish through this account.