How to package pooled specimens for the lab

The K12 Pooled Testing Specimen Manifest is required to process samples at the Broad. Use the following steps to properly box completed Pooled tests for pickup.

** Note: Please remember to 'Close and Send' all orders BEFORE sending samples to the lab. The lab can only process these samples if they have an electronic order!**

  1. Download, print, and fill out the Specimen Manifest
  2. Secure tops to all tubes- Do not overly tighten the caps at they can break; gently twist caps until secure
  3. Place tubes in white cryoboxes
  4. Label the outside of cryobox with provided sticker (if applicable) OR write "Pooling Box 1", "Pooling Box 2", etc. 
  5. Place multiple cryoboxes within larger cardboard box, or use rubber band to secure together
  6. Secure (1) Specimen Manifest per shipment (remember: #Specimens = #Pooled Tubes) to the outside of boxes/box
  7. Place in pre-determined location for courier to pickup


  • If a site is sending Individual PCR follow-up tests and Pooled Tests, they need to be in separate cryoboxes.
    • Pools should never be included in the same box as an Individual PCR Follow-Up.
    • Pooled boxes are the 5" cryoboxes with 4x4 inserts, Individual PCR boxes are 3" with 8x8 inserts.
  • Sites need to send separate manifests for their pool samples and Individual PCR follow-up samples (if applicable). 
    • Both tests should not be included on the same manifest.
  • Pool sample boxes should have some sort of indicator on the exterior of the cryoboxes.
    • Our shipping team has begun providing stickers for sites to add to their pooling boxes.
    • Sites can also write "Pooling" on the outside of the box to make things easier for the lab.
  • Site should not over tighten caps. 
    • Caps need to be securely on tubes, properly threaded, and tightened just to the point of resistance. 
    • Caps that are on too tight or too loose slows down the lab, and can also result in TNPs if caps are on too loose. 
  • If you have many cryoboxes, you may place them together into the large cardboard box supplied by the Broad, but this is not necessary. 

For information on how to package and send individual PCR tests to the lab, see this help article.