How to package PCR reflex specimens for the lab

The Individual PCR Manifest is required to process samples at the Broad. 

Use the following steps to properly box completed PCR reflex tests for pickup

  • Download and print Specimen Manifest
  • Confirm collected specimens in cryoboxes match total number of checked in AND collected samples:
    • If numbers match, mark number on specimen manifest
  • If numbers do not match, cross reference the test kits with the daily schedule:
    • Confirm the order ID on the test kit matches the order ID that was marked as collected. This is only required for anyone that had duplicate appointments under the same name.
    • Make sure there is a test kit for every person that was checked in and completed.
    • Ensure all completed test kits have been marked as "collected" and if not, staff can mark as collected prior to courier pick-up.
  • Complete the specimen manifest
  • Write “Box # of # boxes” on each box
  • Place specimen manifest on top of the boxes and secure the boxes + manifest with rubber bands 

Completed Manifest attached to PCR Cryoboxes for transport: